A downloadable broccolive

This was my first Unity and C# project.  I had just transitioned from Flash to Unity in our Game Technology Class, and I was super excited.  I revisited this "Candy VS Vegetables"  idea from my first year studying game development, and despite only needing to be a tech demo, I was really proud of how this project turned out.  

This is my go to project for teaching Unity and C# at iD Tech.  I tell the campers that I made this in two weeks after thirty minutes of in class instructions, and twenty hours of you tube tutorials.  So they use this to appropriately gauge what they can pull off in a week of camp.  

Install instructions

This will only run on windows machines. This game can not be played at full screen. Keep it windowed at 1024 X 768. Also you need a real mouse, track pads mess with gameplay.


broccolive.zip 14 MB